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Stecek & Matkowski Capital Group 

The company rose from passion and commitment, subjected to the interests of our partners. For years, we have been successively conquering the Polish real estate market and changing the face of real estate investment.

Our knowledge, experience, and innovative approach to modern entrepreneurship allow achieving optimum effects for the most demanding customers. The goal, which is a safe multiplication of capital, defines the direction of all our activities and guarantees the continuous development of the group, which can already have an extended estate portfolio of various profile and prestige classes.


Comprehensive support in the area of investments

Real estate investment is a passion that we fulfill in many fields. The range of services we offer responds to the customer's most demanding needs and expectations. Choosing us as your business partner, you rely on experience and knowledge, including investor’s support, professional consulting, and property-specified development activity.


Are you lacking capital to implement your vision? Do you want to build attractive and profitable real estate? Or do you have a plot on which you can build such a property? The expectations may vary, but we have the answer to meet them all!

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Being a proven and reliable partner is the basis of our success. By deciding to cooperate with us, you increase your economic awareness and gain human capital, which creates an interdisciplinary team of experts, ready for every even the most competitive real estate project.


As a company, we can provide a rich experience in development activity. Self-implemented projects enrich our portfolio. We develop the real estate market-related know-how collaborating with companies belonging to the Stecek & Matkowski Capital Group owners.




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Stecek & Matkowski Capital Group / 27.04.2021

That was an important date from our company's viewpoint. On that day, Stecek & Matkowski Capital Group S.A. was created.

Its creators, Maciej Stecek and Szymon Matkowski are at the same time the members of the management board in which also are Mrs. Magdalena Matkowska, Mr. Dawid Matkowski, and Mrs. Barbara Milke.

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Are you implementing investor activities, or are you interested in the offer associated with them and increasing your funds in the real estate area?

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